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New Tails 3.0 Privacy-Focused Linux Based on Debian 9 Stretch

Fri, 16/06/2017 - 18:00

eWEEK: New milestone release of Linux privacy-focused distribution used by Edward Snowden, updates software and security.

How to Install Atom Text Editor on Ubuntu 16.04 / Linux Mint 18 / CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

Fri, 16/06/2017 - 17:00

Atom is a free and open source text editor for Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.

How to Determine and Fix Boot Issues in Linux

Fri, 16/06/2017 - 16:00

Tecmint: The Linux system boots so fast that most of the output scrolls by too quickly to read the text (showing services being started) sent to the console.

How to Install "stacer" Monitoring and Optimising Tool on Linux

Fri, 16/06/2017 - 15:00

linoxide: Stacer is a GUI based open source resource monitoring and system optimizer tool for Linux

Hortonworks Evolves Big Data at Hadoop Summit

Fri, 16/06/2017 - 14:00

EnterpriseAppsToday: New data streaming update, unified support and partnership with IBM announced by Hortonworks.

How Amazon's EC2 Container Service is Growing in the Public Cloud

Fri, 16/06/2017 - 13:30

eWEEK: General Manager of Amazon's public cloud container service explains how the platform has evolved and where it's headed.

UBports Launch First Stable Ubuntu Touch OTA Update for Supported Ubuntu Phones

Wed, 14/06/2017 - 22:00

Thanks to the generous donations and hands-on help of many fans of the Ubuntu Touch OS, UBports is launching today the OTA-1 stable update for all of their officially supported Ubuntu Phone devices

5 totally incorrect ways to exit Vim

Wed, 14/06/2017 - 21:00 The Vim text editor can seem confusing to beginners, but it's worth learning more than just how to exit.

Gifine - Quickly Create An Animated GIF and Video In Ubuntu/Debian

Wed, 14/06/2017 - 20:00

gifine is a pretty simple open source tool for making small gifs and videos in Linux

LFCS File Manipulation

Wed, 14/06/2017 - 19:00

The Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator has listed in the Domains and Competencies to be able to 'Analyze text files'.

How To Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) Stack on Debian 9 Stretch

Wed, 14/06/2017 - 18:00

Nixcraft: This tutorial shows you how to install LAMP (Apache version 2, PHP version 7, MariaDB version 10.2) stack on a Debian 9 Linux server along with firewall settings to open tcp port 80, 22, and 443.

Komorebi - A Beautiful Wallpapers Manager with Parallax Effect for Linux

Wed, 14/06/2017 - 17:00

FOSSmint: Komorebi is a beautiful and customizable wallpaper manager for all Linux distros.

Top 10 Text Editors for Linux Desktop

Wed, 14/06/2017 - 16:00

In this article we are going to look at the top 10 text editors for Linux desktop environment.

ssh-chat - Make Group/Private Chat with Other Linux Users Over SSH

Wed, 14/06/2017 - 14:00

ssh-chat is a cross-platform command line utility written in GoLang, which enables you to chat securely with a relatively small number of users over an ssh connection.

Artificial Intelligence: Open Source and Standards Bodies Drive Opportunities

Wed, 14/06/2017 - 12:00 AI is driving many new opportunities, especially for technologists with expertise in open source and AI.

The top 7 Linux IoT projects

Tue, 13/06/2017 - 22:00

NetworkWorld: It's a Linux world, and the rest of computing is just living in it

Samba 4 with Active Directory on CentOS 7 rpm based installation with share support

Tue, 13/06/2017 - 21:00

HowToForge: This tutorial shows how to install Samba 4 with Active Directory support on CentOS 7 with precompiled packages from Wing repository and SELinux enabled.

NVMe: Officially faster for emulated controllers

Tue, 13/06/2017 - 20:00

The feature to improve NVMe performance over emulated environments has now been officially released

What is IT culture? Today's leaders need to know

Tue, 13/06/2017 - 19:00

"Culture" is an ambiguous concept, but the teams that understand its intricacies are poised for success.


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